What you Resist Persists

“Why do I resist journalling/meditation when I know it’s good for me?”

Resistance is normal. I’ve been doing this work for over a year now, and I still resist.

Resistance happens because we know that when we journal difficult stuff often comes up. Our default has always been to avoid feeling things, so of course we resist and procrastinate.

Who wants to spend twenty minutes sobbing their heart out, or feeling intense anger, or riding out a wave of nauseating shame when the alternative is to NOT feel it? Watching TV, or doing some laundry, or drinking half a bottle of wine instead seems like a far more appealing option in the moment when we have to make the choice.

This is why we have to keep reminding ourselves that there is a benefit to this healing work.

Feeling our feelings will set us free!

It will reduce our symptoms and improve our physical and our mental wellbeing.

But it’s tough when we’re faced with that choice every day: to let our feelings rise or to stuff them down and ignore them. The latter is the easier option.

So try to understand where the resistance is coming from (that can make a great journalling prompt) and practice self compassion about it. Recognise that this work is hard, and try and be kind to yourself about your avoidance.

You’re not failing if you struggle to be consistent.

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