Mindbody healing isn’t a set menu. It’s a buffet!

In the mindbody forums online, I often see people who are new to this work wanting to know exactly what others have done to heal. Particularly if they find someone who had similar symptoms to them, they want to know details of what tools and techniques that person used to get out of pain.

I understand the desperation.

When you’re in pain, all you want is to get better. And when you start reading about mindbody methods it can be overwhelming. There is a lot of advice about what to do, but all the experts give slightly different ‘prescriptions’ for how to do the work. 

This isn’t because some of the experts are right and some of them are wrong.

It’s because there is NO ONE PERFECT WAY TO HEAL!

There are as many unique paths through this healing process as there are people with symptoms.

I know this is frustrating. Most of us want instructions to follow. But in choosing your own personal path through this work, you learn to listen to your mind and body, and you start to trust your intuition about what helps YOU. And developing trust in your instincts is all part of the healing process.

Think of all the different suggestions as a buffet. Try out some of the different dishes and see which are best for you.

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