I was recently asked to do an interview with Lin Health about my own experiences with chronic pain, and why I became a mindbody coach.

LGBTQ+ Experiences and Chronic Symptoms

In the interview I talk about the connection between the challenges faced by people who identify as LGBTQ+ and stress related illness, including chronic pain.

An excerpt from the interview:

Q: One area of chronic pain that does not get enough attention is the relationship between the LGBTQ+ experience and pain symptoms. Can you speak to that association and ways to manage those symptoms? 

Phil: I would love to see some research done into the prevalence of chronic stress-related symptoms and conditions in the LGBTQ+ community. From my own observations, I believe that the rates of chronic pain and other stress illness are higher than average in the queer and trans communities…

To read the full interview please check out the full article here.


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