How Do Personality Traits Contribute to Chronic Pain?

People pleasing.

Constantly wanting to please people usually means you have poor boundaries and put other people’s needs before your own. This can generate a lot of unconscious anger and resentment.


Achieving perfection is impossible, so you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It can result in you feeling constantly frustrated and ashamed, or criticising and judging yourself for not being good enough.

Fear of failure.

Fear of failure keeps you small and stops you from growing. It can lead to you feeling trapped and helpless.


The need to control other people or situations is usually driven by fear and anxiety. Attempting to control outcomes and people is self-defeating because you can never control the future, or other people. Trying to do this only leads to frustration, anger and more anxiety when you inevitably “fail”.

The internal conflict caused by these kinds of traits creates masses of stress – very often at an unconscious level – and keeps your nervous system stuck in fight or flight mode… and that’s what can predispose you to various stress-related symptoms and syndromes, including chronic pain.

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