Belief is a process. Let it grow!

Those of us trying to heal from chronic pain tend to get very hung up on belief. We are often told that belief is essential, and that we won’t heal if we don’t believe 100%.

I believe that developing your belief is part of the process of healing, and it doesn’t matter if you are still struggling with this. There are levels of belief along the way, and you need to work your way through them:

  • The belief that chronic pain can be caused by psychological factors
  • The belief that it’s possible to heal from chronic pain
  • The belief that your issues are caused by psychological factors
  • The belief that YOU can heal from chronic pain.

For some people, it may take some time to develop all of these beliefs, and that’s okay. Your belief will get stronger as you do the work.

My tips for belief

ONE – Affirmations
Start with what you’re willing to believe, that can be a lot easier. Try saying it out loud for yourself and see if you can feel the truth in the statement. For example:
“I am willing to believe that my pain is a mindbody issue.”
“I am willing to believe that I can be pain free.”
Find an affirmation that sits right for you now, and repeat it to yourself several times a day.

TWO – Keep an evidence sheet
Look at the connection between stressful events and symptoms in your past and present. Be a detective. Look for the clues. Notice what tends to dial your symptoms up or down and focus on the psychological, not the physical. Once you start to see the patterns, this can really help you believe that you’re dealing with a mindbody issue.

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