Are you addicted to being busy?

Are you addicted to being busy? Do you find it hard to relax?

Hyperfocus on being productive, filling our time with doing ‘useful’ things, and not allowing ourselves time to rest and play are ways that we abandon ourselves. This addiction to “busyness” can be a trauma response, and one that is hard to identify, because most of us live in a culture where productivity is valued and self-care is not.

Confession time…

I am absolutely one of these people. I have spent years losing myself in to do lists, working long hours, and constantly seeking out things to focus on so that I don’t have to turn my focus inwards and tend to my emotional world.

On Saturday I recognised the signs that I was overdoing it. I was feeling anxious, irritable, stressed, jittery and was way too obsessed with doing All The Things.

I didn’t want to stop working. “I have so much to do, if I just keep going then I’ll feel better once I’ve done this thing, or that thing, and maybe those things too…”

But now I know that when I feel that resistance to self care, that is a sign that I really need it ASAP.

So, on Sunday I went for a long walk with a friend. I did some journalling and offloaded some emotion. I did some gentle yoga and meditation, and I felt so much better afterwards.
It’s not easy to change old our habits and programming, but it’s totally possible – and totally worth it.

Are you addicted to being busy?
Are you resistant to self care?
You’re not alone, and you can change!

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